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The history of Iw-met scrap dates back to year 1991. We first started with metal scrap purchase. A few years later we began specializing in post-production scrap processing from which we manufacture packets and deliver them to foundries in Poland and Germany. The next step in development of the company was buying a scrap press which was the first machine of this type in our company. After the purchase and selling grew faster over next years we also bought another two machines.

The growing demand of the foundries and the consistent plan of development of the company resulted in buying the Oberländer press of great productivity and an automatic work cycle. The press had been bought from the company’s own funds together with power-generating unit that supplies energy for the press and the company’s premises. At the moment the main profile of IW-MET Scrap is the processing of post-production scrap from plants for the cooperating foundries. The processed scrap is constantly controlled for the chemical contents which help us meet the high requirements of manganese and chrome. Supplying over the years a product that meets those requirements have established the company’s good reputation and helped us sign long-term contracts with cooperating companies. That assures a bright future for our company in this trade.

We process reclaimable scrap so called “blue” up to 3mm, with the manganese content up to 0,3% to packets 400/400/400mm and 300/300/300mm in dimension.

We also buy and process post-amortization metal scrap such as sheet metal or metal chips etc.

We constantly verify all the factors that help us meet high standards of production.